Book Review: Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward

Cynetic Wolf is an excellent political thriller and YA sci-fi adventure!

Book Review: Valour by John Gwynne

This is the second book in the series and boy did it just get interesting. It picks up pretty much exactly where book one left off (book review here!), and without saying too much, let me just say that armies are gathering, wars are starting, and our protagonists are in deep trouble. Oh, and not... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Shepherd’s Watch by Counios & Gane

They've done it again! Shepherd's Watch is the second book in the Shepherd and Wolfe series, the first of which I've reviewed here, and it follows unlikely friends Anthony Shepherd and Charlie Wolfe who somehow always seemed to end up in the middle of trouble (but that's probably because Charlie keeps dragging Anthony into it).... Continue Reading →

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