Book Review: Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing by Counios & Gane

If you’re looking for your new favorite Young Adult mystery series – stop what you’re doing right now.

This is a brilliantly written series of novels about two teenagers, Anthony Shepherd, a bright kid who does well in school and with sports; and Charles Wolfe, a brilliant kid with a troubled past, who has a knack for solving crimes. Together they get into – and out of – all sorts of trouble.

Now – this is the third book, so Tony and Charlie have already been through two cases together, horrific murders and terrible crimes that have shaped them bonded them. At the start of this book they become even closer as Charlie is taken in by the Shepherd’s – as a direct consequence of his old past coming back to haunt him – thus starts their third mystery.

The excellency of these novels isn’t just in the terrific mystery and the exciting crimes they investigate and inevitably solve – but in the relationship that builds between the two. They grow as the books go on, moving up through school and becoming adults, trusting each other more and playing on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s great.

I’ve said mentioned before – when I’ve reviewed book 1 and 2 – that they remind me a lot of the Hardy Boys (which I read A LOT of when I was younger). It’s fun, charming, exciting, and (especially for this third book) terrifying, and with every book I read I’m becoming more invested in Tony and Charlie.

I know there’s a fourth book on the way, and I hate that I have to wait for it, because I’m really looking forward to it! Honestly – even if you’re not into Young Adult books, but have a knack for mysteries – I’d recommend these to anyone!

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