Gillian Barnes, Writes With Others, 2021

In 2021 I reprised my role as a guest writer in Gillian Barnes’ #GBWritesWithOthers series.

Tons of creatives and artists have written so many great articles for Gillian’s guest blog series, first established in 2019, and this time I wrote about how writing is a marathon, not a sprint, drawing on my personal experience from my first actual marathon.

Book Review of The Consequence of Loyalty by Quinn Buckland

Quinn Buckland recently did a video review of my first book – the psychological thriller The Consequence of Loyalty – and he gave it a fantastic rating, even when though he admits that procedural crime stuff isn’t really his thing. Well I’m glad I managed to thrill him.

Check out Buckland’s review on his Youtube channel by following the link below!

On Writing with Trey Stone – The Cameron Journal Podcast

I recently sat down with Cameron Lee Cowan of the Cameron Journal Podcast to talk about writing, reading, books in general, what it’s like living up in cold, dark Norway – and everything in between!

Follow the link below to find the episode on

What The Book, with Dzintra Sullivan & David Atherton-Cooper

I had the privilege to sit down with Dzintra Sullivan and David Atherton-Cooper on their podcast What The Book where we talk about my second book – the psychological thriller A State of Despair – how to market yourself, what it’s like living in the frozen north, what my future erotica book will be about, the amazing advent calendars my wife and I make for each other, and everything in between! It was hilarious and you should definitely check it out!

Follow the link below to find the episode on Spotify, or find the podcast on Podbean!

Book Review of A State of Despair by Norwich Nights Magazine

Melissa Compton at Norwich Nights Magazine reviewed my second book, the psychological thriller A State of Despair.

Go check out what they thought of it!

Q&A With Joshua Gillingham – The Release of A State Of Despair

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joshua Gillingham again, to talk about the release of my second book, the psychological thriller A State of Despair, what it’s like to write sequels, and how to set up a thrilling story.

Interview with Elizay at Books Collection

I sat down for a short interview with Elizay at Books Collection and talked about myself, my writing, my thoughts on my first book and the joy that I feel when people read it! They also made an awesome montage for me on Instagram!

The Weekly Grind, with Eddie Mac

The Weekly Grind is a podcast and “a Monday morning coffee-chat between highly motivated people,” hosted by Eddie Mac. In September 2020 I had the honor of coming on to talk about my writing, the publishing process, what it’s like to be an indie author and to share some exciting news about my next book. It’s available on Soundcloud and Spotify!

Healthy Writing, with E. J. Dawson

In July, 2020 I was invited to join E. J. Dawson on her blog for a talk about mental and physical health, what I do to stay active, and how it all plays a big part in how I get my writing done and stay motivated and inspired.

The Importance of Mind Body Balance for Writers | Writing and Health on Writers’ Row

My wife and I appeared on an episode of Writers’ Row, where we talked about writing, working out, and how to deal with that fickle balance of mental and physical exhaustion when you’re a writer.

Author of The Month at Literary Retreat had me on as their author of the month, January 2020. I talked about where I started off, gave some advice about writing and talked about what I liked to do when I’m not busy plotting evil schemes (for my books).

Q&A With Joshua Gillingham

Joshua Gillingham interviewed me for a pretty in-depth Q&A about my writing, my book, and what my process looks like.

Book Review of The Consequence of Loyalty by Glam Adelaide

Big thanks to Glam Adelaide for their lovely review of my psychological thriller, The Consequence of Loyalty.

Gillian Barnes, Writes With Others

In 2019, author Gillian Barnes did a series of guest blogs on her webpage called #GBWritesWithOthers

I was on in the beginning of April, 2019.