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Agent Greer had it all – but lost.

An old friend comes knocking on Greer’s door. He assaults Greer and pulls him down a dark and violent rabbit hole, forcing him to relive the events of an age-old murder case, insisting Greer is the only one who can help.

Greer must overcome his kidnapper’s antics and regain his memories before innocent people die.

This should all have ended years ago.

I’m Trey – a Norwegian archaeologist metal-head gamer, who writes thrillers and horror stories.

If you’re looking for your next favorite crime thriller, I recommend my The Columbus Archives series: The Consequence of Loyalty, A State of Despair & A Form of Revenge. You can read them in any order, but they’re best enjoyed as listed here.

If you’re up for a darker, more troublesome story look no further than my psychological thriller At The Gate. It’s going to mess with your head, I’ll promise you that.

I also have a few shorter stories for you enjoy, like Time of Death which you can read for free, and They Came From Nowhere, if you’re into science fiction.

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