Book Review: The Lie by Heather Dawn Gray

The Lie: When DNA Reveals the Family Secret is not my typical choice of book – but it’s excellent nonetheless!

A family drama turns thriller when Jahana receives her long-awaited DNA results, her whole life is turned upside down. While he tries to keep the results to herself, not wanting to upset her family about it before she understands what it all means, she also has to chase down rabbit holes to figure out who she truly is.

A book about love and family, faith and secrets, and that which binds us all together.

Gray’s writing is easy and concise, with enough of a pace to keep us interested but still stopping to take in the sights and create a lovely picture of Jahana’s lovely family. It was definitely a pleasure to read.

Faith and ancestry features heavily in this book, which was fascinating to me because it’s not something I deal with to any major degree in my personal life. It was very interesting to get such a detailed view of it.

A great read that will keep you guessing!

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