Book Review: Rise Of The Watchers by Ted D. Berner

This is what you’d get if Dan Brown wrote an Indiana Jones novel.

A incredible fast-paced, action-packed, thrilling and intriguing mystery about Biblical myths and Nazi conspiracies.

I read the first of these books a few years ago, and I though I have to admit I don’t remember it in detail, I remember being hooked. As an archaeologist I love this kind of stuff. People who can take real-life myths and lore, sprinkle on some conspiracy theories and pack it all in to an action-packed thriller – it’s one of my guilty reading pleasures! Tom Egeland does it well, as does Dan Brown, and now Ted Berner is climbing up toward the top of that list.

The writing is fast-paced, enticing and it sticks to the point, which I love. Berner must have done a ton of research before he got into this, and it shows. Though at times I feel like maybe characters reveal a bit too much and over-explain things to each other to keep the plot rolling. I would have preferred to be left in the dark for as long as possible and been strung along to try and understand what was going on.

Also, some characters seem to be taking everything has truth much faster than they should. I would – knowing the nature of this book – be in utter disbelief if these things happened to me.

But all in all, Berner is making a mark with these books and I hope to see him tackle a completely different old world myth or legend in a similar series in the future.

You can check out Ted Berner’s Rise of The Watchers here.

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