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Trey Stone grew up in rural Norway, the youngest of three siblings, excluding his younger brother who doesn’t count. Trey was always fascinated with stories, choosing more often than not to sit still and read and write about adventures than to run around outside having them in person.

Trey has written four novels, including The Consequence of Loyalty, A State of Despair, A Form of Revenge & At The Gate, and a handful of short stories.

He has a degree in archaeology from the University of Southampton – what is archaeology if not storytelling, -building, -making, -sharing, and -investigating – and when he’s not writing he spends his time working as a slightly shorter (but much prettier) Harrison Ford-wannabe.

Trey plays guitar with Norwegian death metal band Dark Delirium and sings, writes and plays in singer-songwriter folk-pop band Maryon. He likes playing video games, his favorites being anything by Bethesda, the main Pokemon series, and he has a nostalgic love towards the Warcraft universe.

He’ll occasionally run, though he much prefers to lift weights. He’s an uncle to at least 14 kids and he loves to travel if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s such a pain in the ass to do.

Oh, and hates talking about himself in third person.

Trey can be found on most social media as @TreyStoneAuthor

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