At The Gate

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Joseph can’t live with the fact that he’s responsible for his daughter’s death. He checks into The Gate as his final destination, but after the disappearance of a guest everything begins to unravel. Days go missing, people are acting strange, and nothing is what it should be. At every turn, he’s reminded of this most painful mistake.

Joseph disappears down a rabbit hole of mysterious events, all the while keeping up the battle against his own inner demons. Now he is trapped inside a haunted hotel trying to find a guest that may not even exist.

A State Of Despair

“I need to finish this now. I’ve crossed so far over the line I can’t even see it anymore.

A simple drug bust. That is what the Critical Response Unit thinks they’re dealing with.

It goes horribly wrong when shots are fired, an explosion goes off, and a fire breaks out. Chaos erupts and the unit is left shocked when the dust settles.

One agent is dead. Two hospitalized. One missing.

Agent Greer is prepared to do anything he can to catch up with the case and find the people responsible. Anything.

How far would you go to save a friend? Would you risk losing another in the process?

The Columbus Archives #2

The Consequence of Loyalty

Why would an FBI Agent shoot his own boss, in cold blood?

When Agent Greer is rushed to his office in the middle of the night, he has no idea what’s expecting him.

His boss has been shot, but why is Greer being brought in for questioning? Do they need his help to catch the gunman, to start a manhunt through Columbus?

Greer is ready to take on the case, prepared himself to chase a hardened criminal. But the shooter is already caught, the shooter surrendered immediately.

All Greer needs to do is figure out why his best friend and coworker would do this

The Columbus Archives #1

They Came From Nowhere

My flash fiction story, They Came From Nowherea science fiction horror story about first contact is published in Black Hare Press’ science fiction anthology CONTACT.

I’m really excited to have been a part of this project – the whole book is filled with exciting science fiction stories, all of them no more than 500 words long, and they’re all about the same terrifying topic: First Contact.

If you’re looking for your next exciting sci-fi read, full of perfectly bite-sized stories, look no further.

Close The Door

At the end of 2020 I submitted this to a writing contest hosted by Tory Hunter. The contest asked for stories that were 300 words long, and – more importantly – made the reader want more. I re-used an older story of what originally started out as a horror story and basically cut away the ending. It’s about anxiety, loneliness and being afraid. I didn’t win the contest, but I received one of four honorable mentions, which I’m very happy about!

You can read Close The Door on Tory Hunter’s website – scroll down for the honorable mentions.