Book Review: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

It's almost as perfect as everyone says it is. Brandon Sanderson is kind of a mythical author to me, one of those that if you read just a little bit of fantasy here and there and discuss a book now and then, his name will eventually pop up. I don't remember when I first heard... Continue Reading →

First Read of The Year! – Book Review: Her Last Wish by Blake Pierce

Welcome to 2023, friends! It's time for writing, reading, and doing reviews, so here's my first of the year. We went traveling during the holidays and I knew I needed something on my phone to read on the flight. This practically jumped at me as soon as I logged on to browse for books and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Devil’s Advisor by Brad Abdul

What would you do if the Devil pulled you down to hell—only to ask you to help run the place? This is the simple, but very alluring plot of Brad Abdul's debut novel, The Devil's Advisor. I've been excited to read this ever since I heard about it and was very happy to be able... Continue Reading →

Enter Dzintra Sullivan’s 12 Days Of Bookmas!

Don't miss this exciting giveaway! Dzintra Sullivan—best-selling indie author extraordinaire—is hosting a very exciting Christmas giveaway this December! With the hopes of sharing some joy and happiness this holiday season, Dzintra is inviting you all along to win amazing prizes! From December 1st - 12th, myself and ten other authors have been invited to partake... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

How would I describe this book with one word? Unique. Lagoon is set in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, where an alien invasion in Lagos Lagoon causes the fate of three individuals to intersect and be changed forever. I didn't know what I was going to when I decided to buy Lagoon. By happenstance I... Continue Reading →

Read My New Story!

When I'm not writing thrilling novels, one of my favorite things to do is to write short stories. They are usually horror, science fiction, fantasy or speculative fiction, and when they're done I send them out to be considered for anthologies, magazines, websites and competitions. One of the reasons I love writing short fiction is... Continue Reading →

Podcast Review: Death By Unknown Event by Pamela Adlon

This is so wild - every time I thought I'd gotten to the worst part, it took another turn. I listen to a lot of podcasts - in all kinds of genres. Some of my favorites are No Such Thing As A Fish, Twenty Thousand Hertz, Lore, Vanished, and Serial - amongst others. And since... Continue Reading →

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