Book Review: Night Chills by Dean Koontz

My first Koontz book – and what a book it is!

As with when I first started reading Stephen King a few years ago, I felt like I’d heard a lot about Koontz even though I knew nothing about him. I knew he was known for churning out books by the dozens, I knew they were often terrifying, and I knew people held him in high regard. At the same time, I probably couldn’t name a single book he’d written. (Still can’t, other than this).

So, when the day came a little while before Christmas last year, that I noticed a copy of this book lying beaten and well-read high up on a shelf in a hallway in my office – (I really need to look into who keeps putting books there, I’m just assuming they’re up for grabs) – I saw my chance and I took it. I knew I wanted to read Dean Koontz and I figured this might as well be the book that set me off.

Like I said at the start of this – what a book it is! It’s horror, and the plot is simply horrifying: Some scientist figure out a way to shape and control people’s minds – and of course someone sees the economic potential in this. But first, the method has to be thoroughly tested. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting inhabitants of a little logging town called Black River, they become the participants in this terrifying experiment.

Without spoiling anything, the book is terrifying. Vile at times, bordering on grotesque, yet at the same time brilliant and intriguing. A bit slow at first, but once I got into it I struggled to put it down.

Koontz writes short and concise, which is a trait I love in an author. If Stephen King is the rambling old grandfather of horror who tells amazing stories, but never gets to the point; Koontz is that mad uncle that you’re not sure if you’re allowed to be listening to because the stuff he’s shouting at you from down the basement stairs is terrifying and probably meant for much older ears.

I’m very intrigued by Koontz and I look forward to reading more. Have you read any of his books? Do you have any favorites? What would you recommend to a new fan? Let me know in the comments!

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