Book Review: Animal Farm by George Orwell

A definite must read — especially in this day and age.

A few years ago, the only thing I knew about George Orwell was that he’d written 1984, and that it was about the government surveilling its citizens or something. So when I came across a cheap paperback copy of it in Oslo airport a few years back, I bought it and read it.

I think I devoured it.

I liked the story, but what really gripped me was the messages between the lines and the political commentary — which I assume is why anyone likes 1984. I also really liked the way Orwell writes, his choice of words, his humor and his style.

So when someone recommended Animal Farm (and gave me a brief synopsis of what it was about, because honestly, I had never heard of it), I knew I had to read it.

Fast forward to three weeks ago and the book was part of an Audible sale so I got it. I listen to a lot of books when I either work out, walk, run, or work (which also includes walking a lot of the time), and Animal Farm being less than four hours long was perfect for a lazy Friday.

The plot is pretty straightforward: a bunch of animals on a small English farm rebel against their human owner. They imagine an animal utopia where they are free and enjoy a life much better than what they’ve known so far, but of course it quickly descend into something… familiar.

It’s such a great book. It’s thrilling and exciting at times, but also funny and thought provoking. Half of the time it feels like it’s a direct commentary to the way the world and our society works in this exact moment, though I guess it would feel that way whenever you read it, whether it was now or 20 years ago.

But you should read it – if you haven’t read Orwell yet, I’d suggest starting with this and then checking out 1984 later if you like this. It’s really going to make you think. Both of them.

I think I need to check out what else Orwell had written.

Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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