BIG NEWS – At The Gate Is Being Published

My psychological horror story is being published!

The Chaos of a Life and Finally Finding Time To Read A Book Again! – Book Review: The Terror by Dan Simmons

It's been a weird few weeks. Ever since I moved back home from the Arctic at the start of the month, days have been blending together. I feel like I've had far too much to do and nothing at all at the same time. Like everything has changed, yet it's all the same. I've tried... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dark Tides by John J. Questore

Dark Tides is a horror anthology, and a special on at that. Put together and edited by John J. Questore, it's a charity anthology, dedicated to those affected by the Virginia Beach shooting, 31 May, 2019. It's a work to be admired. I was excited about the book as soon as I heard about the... Continue Reading →

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