Everything Is Going Great – And That Scares Me

It’s when you’re at your highest that you have the farthest to fall.

I’m not good at recognizing wins or celebrating my victories—a fact I’ve been trying to make myself more aware of over the years, so I can rectify it. In fact, I’ve written about it here on my blog several times. Losses seem to hit so much harder and last so much longer, so it’s important to learn to cherish and remember your successes. I’d say it’s vital if you want to stay motivated to keep making art and being creative.

Now that I’m better at recognizing wins, I’ve realized I’m doing great at the moment. Amazing, actually. I’m drafting a book that I love, working on self publishing my third thriller, and my horror novel that’s being released this fall is being designed and formatted by my publisher (it looks totes amaze by the way). I’ve also just finished a story for a podcast, got a new exciting career opportunity for my day job this summer, and my strength training is progressing super well.

This is all great, and I’m super grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and the successes I’m experiencing. I’m also not stupid enough to realize I’m getting to a point where my life can only turn one way: down.

I don’t mean that in a dramatic, life-threatening way. But it’s only natural that life oscillates. There’s a rhythm to things, a natural law, that states that you can’t have good things without bad. Good things wouldn’t be good, if there wasn’t an opposite to compare to.

So I’m kind of bracing myself these days. Wondering where my head will hit the wall first. I hope I manage to finish this first draft of the book I’m working on before I hit a road block. Maybe it will be my training that stagnates, or maybe things at work will become really busy and pull my attention away from everything I’m working on.

Whatever it is, I know to expect it. Things have been going great lately and I’m prepared for my next batch of bad. It’s only fair.

The difference this time though, is that I’ll be ready mentally. I’ll know to tell myself that it’s not my fault, nothing I can do about but work through it and let it pass. It’s just the way the pendulum swings.

Where are you in your life at the moment? How’s 2022 treating you so far? Do you have a special skill set you utilize to overcome the bad times? Let me know in the comments.

And don’t forget to check out my books! I appreciate it immensely.

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