Book Review: Dark Cure by Cameron K. Moore

Dark Cure is the jungle born love child of The Thing and Alien. Except the horrible creature that’s hunting you is human.

Set in a top secret research facility, I though Dark Cure was going to be a familiar story about people who wander off into a dangerous forest in search of some legendary font of magical powers – a tale I frankly thought had been told enough times.

To my pleasant surprise, it’s nothing like that. The Inn, as the research facility is called, has already found and developed the cure in question, a medical marvel that can save millions of lives.

Our protagonist Shepherd, an ex-ranger and not a regular part of the crew at The Inn, finds himself at the research facility in the middle of the South American jungle, hoping the cure can be used to treat is chronically ill daughter, Cassie, who’s left behind at home with her grandparents.

Shepherd receives a call from his parents saying Cassie has been suddenly hospitalized, and just as he fears her conditions is getting worse, a powerful storm cuts him and the rest of the crew of The Inn off from the rest of the world, and things start to unravel.

A dead body is discovered in the jungle not far from the facility, and it’s clear that this wasn’t an accident. Who is responsible? Someone isn’t who they say they are, but who are they and where did they come from? And how they know about the cure?

A thrilling mystery ensues as Shepherd must use his old skills to help the researchers protect the cure, both for his and their sake. But first, he has to figure out who he can trust.

This book was great, well-written and engaging all the way through and much more thrilling than I was expecting. I’m sure Cameron Moore will be a household name in the thriller category before long. Recommended!

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