Get My New Book Early!

This year is exciting for me for many reasons - but one of the most exciting ones is that my psychological horror At The Gate is being published! And you can get your hands on a copy early! My publisher is looking for people who are interested in receiving Advanced Review Copies. Just head to... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog – Gillian Barnes Writes With Others, 2021

Gillian Barnes first launched her #GBWritesWithOthers initiative in 2019, when she invited a lot of great writers and creatives to write articles and blog post, to share ideas, inspiration and motivation. This year, I wrote a piece about how writing is a marathon, not a sprint - comparing it to my own preparations for my... Continue Reading →

Back Up Your Things! – Every Writer’s Personal Nightmare Just Happened To Me

Yeah, I was going to write about something else today. About writing something new and loving it and I had a plan to tell you all about how I work with a fresh idea. Then my laptop died. Before you ask - yes, I've checked everything. Different batteries, different chargers, different batteries and chargers in... Continue Reading →

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