Do you ever just… Sit?

Okay, I'll be honest: the title as an attempt at saying something particularly profound, but at the same it means exactly what it says. Do you ever just sit? Just sit perfectly still, staring into nothingness, letting your thoughts wander? Watching as the world goes by without you as you deliberately sit there and do... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Do It All

There's something incredibly rewarding about feeling like you can do it all. I've felt that feeling recently, I've lbeen living that life. I've been doing it all - writing, reading, working, training, socializing, recording music, fixing up my house - and I've felt like an absolute super villain on a quest for power, a quest... Continue Reading →

Enter Dzintra Sullivan’s 12 Days Of Bookmas!

Don't miss this exciting giveaway! Dzintra Sullivan—best-selling indie author extraordinaire—is hosting a very exciting Christmas giveaway this December! With the hopes of sharing some joy and happiness this holiday season, Dzintra is inviting you all along to win amazing prizes! From December 1st - 12th, myself and ten other authors have been invited to partake... Continue Reading →

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