Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


I finally get it. I went in completely blind with this. Hadn’t heard a thing, other than that it was the follow-up to The Shining.

Now, if this is what it feels like to read King novels when they’re new and unknown, when your expectations aren’t painted by years of hype and talk, then I get it. This was amazing.

King does what he always does. It’s massive book with that familiar slow pace and page upon page of tension-building. There’s backstories within backstories, and it feels like it’s going to go on forever.

At the same time, this book didn’t feel long to me. Not like so much of his other stuff. But it was amazing. I kept finding myself having a hard time putting it down.

I’d read The Shining right before this. You can find my review for that here. If you haven’t read Doctor Sleep and are planning to, then I’d recommend not reading The Shining before you do. You get enough drips and hints and throwbacks to those events anyway.

The story was amazing. It was exciting to see where Danny Torrance had ended up, to see where The Shining had taken him, and to see how he turned out.

As with many of his other books though, I didn’t find it scary. A lot of his books claim to be horror and I rarely find they are. This is a supernatural thriller, at best. Still great though.

As soon as I’ve read some of his other classic, I think I’ll turn my focus to his more recent books. It’s amazing to be going in completely blind.

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