Book Review: The Dead Zone by Stephen King

Since I'm on a King binge that I just can't seem to quit, I carried on with The Dead Zone, on someone's recommendation. I'd never heard of this book before, at all, and was surprised to find out that it's one of his earlier works. Again, going in blind makes King's books not feel so... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

BETTER THAN THE SHINING! I finally get it. I went in completely blind with this. Hadn't heard a thing, other than that it was the follow-up to The Shining. Now, if this is what it feels like to read King novels when they're new and unknown, when your expectations aren't painted by years of hype... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Shining by Stephen King

I doubt this book needs any introduction, but just in case: Family moves into hotel to look after it on the off-season. Hotel is haunted. Family becomes hotel victims. I really like King's writing style for this. It's a much shorter book than IT which I recently read, and feels more akin to The Dark... Continue Reading →

Reading Long Books and a Book Review of Stephen King’s ‘IT’

I finally did it! Took me two months, but I finally read 'IT'. It's weird, because I feel like I've known this story all my life. Or been aware of it at least. Even though I only started reading Stephen King a few years ago, it's somehow ingrained itself as the ultimate horror story in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

Finally made my way through another King book, and let me just say this: It's better than 'Carrie'. I really like King. It's difficult to say why. He has a way of making every word count, and though that's not to say he has an incredible tendency to ramble on for pages upon pages, he... Continue Reading →

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