Book Review: Ghoulslayer by Darius Hinks

Pure, undeniable fantasy. I loved it.

This is the first warhammer book I’ve read, and I got it for two reason: 1) it was on offer, and 2) I love warhammer and everything about. I never used to play much other than a few stints while I was at uni, but I loved the models and I used to collect them when I was younger. I still have a few in the attic somewhere, and I’ve played a lot of the video games from the series.

But I’d never read any of the books, so I didn’t know what I was in for.

You might be able to tell from the cover that this is a ‘Gotrek Gurnisson novel’. He’s the beefy guy with the mohawk, and he’s awesome. This is evidently a book in a series, about him, and when the book starts we’re kind of in the middle of a whole series of adventure. He’s being followed by a couple of people, two of which make it very clear that they don’t want to be there, and Gotrek is trying to find Nagash, a God that has promised him his doom. Gotrek wants to die.

In one sense, jumping into a book in the middle of a series like this was a bit confusing. On the other hand, it was amazing. It was so pure, so fun, so entertaining. I had to pay close attention to pick up all the details that I probably should already know, who people were, where they come from and all the world building and stuff, but once I did, it was amazing.

There was a feeling that this novel didn’t waste any time. And I’m not just talking about the pacing and the flow of the plot, it was more of you’re either in or you’re out, sort of feeling. It was great.

Highly recommend this for fantasy lovers and warhammer lovers alike. I think I’ll be on the lookout for more Gotrek Gurnisson novels. He’s pretty awesome.

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