Interviewed by Joshua Gillingham

When I’m not writing or reading, I love to talk about writing and reading. Whether that’s discussing my own books with my editor, beta readers or readers, or discussing books I love myself with like-minded people, I love it all.

These last few weeks, I haven’t had much time to do either unfortunately, because I’ve been on vacation. For some reason, even though I plan to, I never get to do enough reading and writing on my time off. I don’t know how that happens, seriously, but I’ve spent some lovely time with my wife at home, and in Helsinki, Finland, which is an absolutely awesome city (you should go, it’s great!)

Before I left, I had the privilege of being interview by Joshua Gillingham, a Canadian writer and musician, among other things. I figured I’d share it with you here, since I love talking about writing and reading, while I’m in the process of getting back to my regular writing and reading habits.


You can find the interview on Gillingham’s site, here.



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