Why I Sometimes Read Books I Don’t Like

The notion of 'getting hooked' on a book is alien to me. Sure, there are books that I love and that I'll happily read over and over again, but I've never experience that immediate "OMG, THIS BOOK!!"-feeling that some people seem to have. People talk about great opening lines and great first pages, and I... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Fate Unknown by Michelle Burden

The premise is simple: psychic woman helps police detective solve crime. It sounds a bit stereotypical when I put it like that, but the way it's executed is fascinating. Ann Marcus is our main character. She wasn't born with that last name, that was one she took as she got older. She took it after... Continue Reading →

Self-Help for Writers & Book Review: GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon

First of all: Great book. I haven't read many of these how-to-write books but this is one of my favorites. It's short and to the point, discussing the what, why, how of GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict. It's all you need to tell a good story, it's what going to make your characters come alive... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Pure Reality, Part One, Black by Ryan Rinsler

Connor Cooper has it all. A cushy job, a beautiful home. In a futuristic world where you can ask your house for a glass of whiskey, and it pours itself, all you really need is money. And Connor has a lot of it. But this world gets boring, fast. When his friend Matt encourages Connor... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dark Tides by John J. Questore

Dark Tides is a horror anthology, and a special on at that. Put together and edited by John J. Questore, it's a charity anthology, dedicated to those affected by the Virginia Beach shooting, 31 May, 2019. It's a work to be admired. I was excited about the book as soon as I heard about the... Continue Reading →

Book review: Once Upon A Death by Dzintra Sullivan

I went into this not knowing what to expect at all, and boy was I surprised. The plot is simple, Kaah, also known as The Reaper, also known as Death is retiring. And he's going to need a place to settle down. Accompanied by his trusty goblin sidekick, Kaah does the best he can trying... Continue Reading →

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