Life Changes & Writing

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember two months ago that I had an interview for a new job. And that I got said job. Since then, I’ve basically been waiting for it to start (I got a few months to get my everything sorted), and now the time has come.

Oh, did I forget to say?

The job is in the Arctic. Yeah – you read that correctly. I’m moving to the Arctic. Today.

The job starts on Monday, and for an entire year I’ll be the king of the north, living among icebergs and polar bears. It’s going to be amazing. From about now until August, the sun never sets, and then from November till February, it never rises. I’m really looking forward to the darkness (if you didn’t know, I absolutely love the cold and darkness).

On top of amazing, it’s also going to be rough. My wife’s not joining me so we’ll be apart for a year with the exception of a couple of visits during the summer and Christmas. But a year is nothing, we’re used to being in a long-distance relationship, hell, we lived in separate countries for three years. One will go fast. But of course, I’ll miss her like crazy. She had the option to come and join me (without a job though), but she’d freeze to death in the -25 C / -13 F winter.

I’ve been a bit stressed lately because of all this, and haven’t gotten as much writing and reading done as I wanted. This is all going to change as soon as I get up there. With nothing to do except work and working out, nowhere to go, and no one to keep me company, I imagine I’ll get LOTS of writing done.

I’m hoping to have my second book published soon. I haven’t set a date, but I hope it’s out by the end of the summer, and it’s definitely going to be out this year. I’m already busy writing the next one, my third book and the third in the series. It’s exciting. It’s all falling into place, and now that I get up to the frozen wasteland in the north, I’ll have lots of time to get it done.

I’m also going to be reading more. I’ve sent up all of the unread books I had lying around and my phone is loaded with indie books. I’m looking forward to getting to so many of them, and I’ll probably swap between reading a physical book and then an indie on my phone. I’m really excited.

All in all, it’s going to be good with a change of pace –  even though it’s going to be hard to be away from my wife. But it’s what we do, it’s why we don’t have kids or pets. We promised to always encourage each other to follow our dreams, and it’s not like she isn’t planning on leaving the country in the opposite direction.

I’m excited – both for my personal life, and my writing.

I’m going on an adventure.


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  1. I’m gobsmacked. Congratulations and whatever other wishes you need to do the work you’re now employed to do.

    Hope you’ll keep a journal of your adventures, Trey.

    All the best. Safe journey there and back and glorious stuff in between.

    – Lita

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