Book Review: Project Thermoception by M.C. Drake

*I received a complimentary copy of this book, and I’m leaving a voluntary review*

(Note: I never deliberately spoil anything that I consider a major part of the plot, and I always double check to see how much is revealed in the official blurb to know what major things are already revealed and not. However, there might be minor things that certain people could consider spoilers, so read on at your own risk.)

Plot in short: Ex-military personnel led by Nicola ‘Nic’ Phillips are making a cryptid TV show. They go to Puerto Rico to hunt the Chupacabra.

Longer version: Nic and her team are making their last episode for the television series ‘Cryptid Killers’. They hear rumors of the legend of Chupacabra gaining new traction in Puerto Rico, and head down there to look for it.

Their first lead is pretty solid, a man has supposedly been murdered by the creature, and the local doctor is eager to show them the body. Except it’s been replaced, by a similar looking, but different man who doesn’t bear the unique bite marks of the Chupacabra. Coincidentally the CCTV at the hospital has been cleared.

It seems obvious the local police is on whatever is going on, but when Nic’s team meets up with them, they seem completely oblivious to what has happened. There’s also talk about other American’s going around and investigating, but they don’t match the descriptions of either Nic’s team or the local police. (So who the hell are they?!)

Following a lead of a sighting of the Chupacabra in a nearby jungle, Nic’s team and the police goes hunting for it, catches it, and kills it. But it turns out it’s just a wild animal.

However, at the same time a tour group goes missing in another nearby jungle. A tour group consisting of eleven people. Hardly seems coincidence, so Nic’s team go out there to investigate. They find exactly what they’re looking for – and more. Much, much more.

This book was excellent. The characters were well put together, the scenery was beautifully described (I really have to go to Puerto Rico if what this book make it look like is true), and the plot was really gripping. I was really invested in trying to figure out what was going on, maybe particularly so because I’m very fascinated with cryptids. I kept hoping throughout the book, that the Chupacabra was real, and that there wouldn’t be some stupid natural cause or some other explanation that kind of took the place of the creature, and thankfully I was right. And I was intrigued when it turned out the Chupacabra wasn’t as simple as the legends made it up to be. I really like the twist towards the ending and the revelation of the creature. I also particularly loved the ending. I like those kind of endings. Those endings are great. (Notice how I can’t say what kind of ending it is?).

Project Thermoception is very fast paced, many short chapters, with jumps between characters. I loved that. It’s my kind of writing style, and my kind of reading style. It kept me going, kept me on my toes. I wanted to know more and more and more, and it feels more rewarding to read three chapters than one, even though they’re both the same amount of pages.

I’d love to see more books in a series like this, focusing on different cryptids. That would be AMAZING. But sadly, due to the ending (that I can’t talk about), I’m not sure it would work? Would it? Maybe? Hopefully.

Nevertheless. Great book. Great read. Great Chupacabra. Loved it.

Check it out on Amazon, and make sure to check out M.C. Drake!

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