It’s Indie April!

Celebrate your favorite independent creators and creatives this month – Indie April is here!

I’m not sure how it started – I always thought it had to do with indie authors on Twitter wanting to celebrate their hard work and shine a light on the lesser known creatives and their art, but for some reason the all mighty internet isn’t giving me a definitive answer.

Anyway, the point is simple – in April we celebrate indie creators (be it authors, musicians, filmmakers, painters, wood carvers, or whomever) and post about, discuss, buy and share their work!

Seeing as I’m an author myself, I figured I’d share some of my favorite indie books:

One Hand to Hold, One Hand To Carve by M. Shaw

A delightfully weird and horrifying novella that recently game out through independent publisher, Tenebrous Press. I read this just a few weeks ago and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s a lover of weird, strange tales that make you question everything. Oh, and horror.

The Fall by S. T. Campitelli

One of the first indie books I ever wrote and an absolute gem if you like post-apocalyptic survival thriller. This one is set in Australia and follows a group of people struggling for survival – and all that comes with it. Highly recommended.

Dark of Winter by Christopher Percy

If you like dark, dreary fantasy stories then this is the book for you. I remember being blown away by this one and I’m sure you will be too. It’s like if Game of Thrones was a fairy tale and a nightmare at the same time.

Of course, I would love it if you picked up my own books. My latest, the psychological thriller At The Gate, a story about a man down on his luck who found himself trapped in a weird hotel with strange guests can be found right here, or on Amazon, if you prefer.

If you prefer crime thrillers, my Columbus Archives books can be purchased here. And here’s a secret – for free: the third one is right around the corner.

You can always check out all my books here and all my short stories here.

And one last thing, in the spirit of Indie April – if you do decide to check out some lesser known books, listen to an unknown musician, or buy that piece of art you’ve been eyeing on Instagram for a while – please, leave a review if you can. It helps the creator more than you can imagine.

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