Book Review: Tress Of The Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson

Not only the most successful kickstarter ever – also the best Sanderson book I’ve ever read.

Okay – first things first, I’ve only read three and that’s including this one. I read Skyward first and I recently finished the first installment in the Mistborn series. Both great fantasy/science fiction books that I’d recommend to any lover of the series.

Skyward was the only one I had read by the time I saw the Kickstarter for Tress, but that was enough for me to get onboard. If you’re not aware, Tress and The Emerald Sea is the first in four unnamed projects that Sanderson released as a Kickstarter – a campaign that turned out to be the most successful kickstarter in history, raking in over $40 million.

I only went for the ebook option, which means I’ll receive a new book every quarter this year. If they’re all as good as Tress, then I’m very excited.

Tress and The Emerald Sea is a fantasy, set in space, with a decent mix of steampunk and pirate adventure. Ever seen the Disney version of Treasure Island? Yeah, it’s very much like that.

And it’s amazing! It’s a fun, wholesome kind of adventure, but it’s also scary and brutal at times. We follow Tress, a young girl who leaves her safe homestead to go out and save the boy she loves and ends up sailing the spore seas in the process. If all of that didn’t make sense, I guess you need to read the book. (That thing about spores is a particularly cool piece of world building!)

Sanderson’s strength is as always the world building, and I think he did an exceptional job in this. I didn’t realize the Cosmere series (which Tress is a part of) wasn’t a new series, so I guess he’s had some time to work on this, but nevertheless – it’s really, really good. I loved reading about Tress’ adventures, and though I doubt the next book in the campaign is going to follow the same characters, I really hope so.

My point is: I really like this book and would recommend it to anyone. If you haven’t already read Sanderson, but was planning to, I’d suggest starting with this book.

But can you? I’m not sure if this book is going to be available beyond the Kickstarter, so unless you can somehow contribute to that now and get all the four mystery projects that way, I’m not sure you’re going to be able to get your hands on this. Though, with the success he’s had, I imagine they’ll want to make these books available for everyone else eventually.

What about you, did you sign up for the Kickstarter? I’ve heard the hardcovers are absolutely gorgeous, and I bet you’re just as excited about the next book as me!

As always – let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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