Autumn Update

It feels like it has been years since the summer was here, and autumn appears to be lasting for ages. Here in Western Norway, it rains.
And it rains,
…and it rains.

But who doesn’t like an eternal downpour now and then? It’s a great excuse to get stuff done indoors.

In the beginning of September I was busy with the release of At The Gate. It’s my latest psychological thriller, released through the indie press Inked In Gray, and the experience has been wonderful. A massive thanks to everyone who has picked it up, and if you haven’t read it yet, you can get it straight from Inked In Gray here.

At the end of September, my wife and I bought a house. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, both to get some more space but also to come a little closer to friends and family. The whole process, from going to the bank, getting the money, placing the bid and winning the house was surprisingly fast. Now we’re just waiting to move in. (That’s going to be super relaxing, right?)

A natural consequence of this was having to sell our apartment and though that was significantly more stressful, those few weeks we spent on putting it on the market, finding a buyer, cleaning it out and handing over the keys went by in a flash. We’re living with my in-laws for a month now, and it’s actually not horrible.

Then, by the end of October, I managed to publish another story. A speculative short story this time, called Time of Death, published by Dark Recesses Press. I’m really proud of this one, and I would love if you checked it out here. When you do, I’d love to hear what you think!

Recently, I’ve spent a long weekend in Brussels. It’s an annual thing my siblings and I started last year (not that we always go to Brussels), and it was a long awaited break from a stressful couple of months. We don’t make too much of these trips; we walk around, take in the sights, drop my a few shops or museums if we have time, and we drink. I had so much beer and Irish coffee that I think I need to lock myself away for a while.

Now, I’m working on a couple of short stories that I need to submit by the end of the month, planning to revise a horror novella, and the next big thing on my schedule is to release the third Columbus Archives book. I know a lot of you have been waiting for it, and it’s very nearly ready. As always, you will be the first to hear about it – and as usual, there will be an opportunity to receive early review copies.

Have a great autumn (though hopefully with significantly less rain than me), and thanks for reading!

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