At The Gate – Cover Reveal, Pre-orders and Giveaway!

It’s finally here! The awesome cover art for At The Gate is out and pre-orders are up!

At The Gate is my upcoming psychological thriller, a book that promises to terrify and captivate you:

Joseph can’t live with the fact that he’s responsible for his daughter’s death. He checks into The Gate as his final destination, but after the disappearance of a guest everything begins to unravel. Days go missing, people are acting strange, and nothing is what it should be. At every turn, he’s reminded of this most painful mistake.

Joseph disappears down a rabbit hole of mysterious events, all the while keeping up the battle against his own inner demons. Now he is trapped inside a haunted hotel trying to find a guest that may not even exist.

At The Gate is published with Inked in Gray, and features cover art by the talented Matt Barnes and illustrations by Axel Knight. It releases on September 6.

Pre-order your copy now, directly through Inked In Gray and you’re automatically entered into this exciting giveaway, where you can win a signed paperback, a mug, all 6 illustrations from the book, and a unique hotel key. Don’t miss out!

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