BIG NEWS – At The Gate Is Being Published

I’m excited to finally announce that my story, At The Gate, is being published.

At The Gate is a dark and twisted psychological horror story, written nearly three years ago now.

It follows Joseph Podwell, a middle-aged travel-writer who drags behind him a life of romantic ruin, an unacknowledged drinking problem and a heart full of mourning. Now he’s looking for an excuse to end it all.

He checks in at The Gate—a formerly luxurious hotel—and he thinks he might just have found the place where he’ll be brave enough to commit to the afterlife.

But the mystery of a missing guest postpones his plans, and strange happenings at The Gate occupy his mind. His room doesn’t always seem like his, he loses track of days, and he could swear the broken elevator is actually moving.

As soon as I finished it, I knew I had something special on my hands and I knew it deserved somewhere special to go.

Thankfully, I found exactly that place in Inked in Gray. Inked deal in dark, terrifying stories with real and important messages, and saw something in my story that no one else did. I’m so happy they did because I’m super stoked to be part of their family.

I’ll be back with more news as soon as I know anything, because honestly, I can’t wait to share this story with all of you.

In the meantime, you can read more about me, At The Gate, and Inked in Gray in their welcome announcement.

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