Take Pride In Yourself and Your Achievements!

It’s easy to remember all the times things are going to hell. When you’re missing your deadlines, when nothing goes as it should and when you’d rather just quit everything than carry on for another second. For some reason, all those little moments are very clear in my mind.

A thing that’s not so clear, are all the times when things are going great. And I don’t mean those big celebratory moments of success – sure I can remember those – I’m talking about those days and weeks when things are just going great in general, or maybe even just fine. Days that make you smile when you wake up and when you go to bed, because you feel like you are on the right track.

So here’s to those days! They’re important to remember, maybe more so than your successes, because those can be few and far between. But days when things are going just fine are plentiful, we just tend to forget them.

This week for example, I’ve gotten some great feedback on a few stories, I’ve finished another one, I’m planning on querying one place and submitting a story to another, and in general I have a lot of things going for me. It was my wife who pointed it out one morning, when she stopped to tell me she was proud of me. I asked what for? I hadn’t done anything special, had I? That’s when she stopped to highlight it: I was doing a lot of things right and I had many things to be proud of.

So take a moment to stop and look at the world when it’s going just okay – and memorize them! And next time things are turning sour, when success feels unobtainable and incredibly far away, remind yourself that you’re on the right track – you’ve probably just forgotten about it.

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