Book Review: Valour by John Gwynne

This is the second book in the series and boy did it just get interesting.

It picks up pretty much exactly where book one left off (book review here!), and without saying too much, let me just say that armies are gathering, wars are starting, and our protagonists are in deep trouble. Oh, and not everyone is who they seem…

I’m so invested in this now – the first book was kind of slow (at least the first half), there was a lot of confusing characters, and the writing was kind of unusual, but all of that is forgotten now. This is jam-packed with action, mystery, intrigue and epic fantasy. I haven’t read anything that felt like this since I finished the latest A Song of Ice and Fire book years ago.

Gwynne’s writing is still a bit strange here and there, but the pacing is good and the action is really well-written. I often find that fight scenes become kind of a meaningless back and forth until our protagonist becomes the obvious victor, but not here. Here it feels like it means something.

I absolutely plowed through this book and I’m excited to get started on book three as soon as possible. Knowing that the series is in fact finished (with a total of four books, the last of which I also have) is also very motivating. Can’t wait!

If you’re looking for a fantasy series full of mysterious prophecies, powerful armies, clans of giants and lies and deceit, this is the thing for you. Just make sure you get through the slow start and you’ll love it!

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