Book Review: Fate Unknown by Michelle Burden

The premise is simple: psychic woman helps police detective solve crime. It sounds a bit stereotypical when I put it like that, but the way it’s executed is fascinating.

Ann Marcus is our main character. She wasn’t born with that last name, that was one she took as she got older. She took it after the thing that makes her psychic, the entity that lives inside her: Marcus.

Marcus helps Ann see things. Helps her know things. And she uses that knowledge to help the police. This is a fascinating supernatural thriller about some missing teenagers, the bad people who are after them, and the powers Ann has to use to save them.

I really liked this book. I was thinking it was going to be cliché when I started, but it surprised me. It’s really a different take.

The writing is good, never boring, but perhaps a bit over-descriptive occasionally. It has that old-timey, classic literature vibe in certain places, and I just don’t have the attention span for it (though most people seem to love it).

The story is really well done, like I said, it surprised me, and it certainly set up the next book in the series really well.

High recommended if you’re into supernatural thriller about psychic crime-stoppers!

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