Book Review: Fairy Tale Ending by William F. Aicher

All your favorite fairy tales from when you were little, rewritten for adults in a brilliant and grotesque display.

I love this. I’m on a horror binge at the moment, but I’m busy wading my way through Stephen King’s IT, so it was great to interrupt that with a short story like this. A palette cleanser, if you will.

Aicher is an indie author to keep an eye out for. I’ve read him before and I love his style. Precise, yet detailed, with an ability to put a spin on words that will leave you wanting to read more. He’s grim and dark, doing plenty to paint a picture, but at the same time keeping the pace up.

I went in completely blind, thinking maybe I knew where it was going but I was constantly surprised and it kept me turning page after page.

I actually read the whole thing at work, while I should have been doing other things, so I’m thinking that should be proof enough that I was hooked.

It’s a short read, somewhere between 30-45 minutes (I think, I kept having to do work), and I loved it all.

Recommended if you like retellings and horror, and need a little bit of reading in your day.

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