Book Review: Finding Pandora by E. Rachael Hardcastle

A beautiful fantasy book about a girl (Ariette) who suddenly learns she’s special, when a group of people with magical powers come across her and deem her ‘the savior’. The Chosen One.

Ariette doesn’t doubt such people exists, after all she’s been attacked by Vampyrs before and she’s seen the Supes. But what can she do?

I really liked this book! The world building is extraordinary, and really took me by surprise. There’s a great mix of learning things through dialogue (things the characters take for granted because they live in this world), and following along as characters learn surprising revelations. It felt really unique to me.

That, coupled with how easy-going and fast-paced this book is made it really enjoyable. You’re quickly thrust into the heart of the matter, and it builds fast.

I toward the end, or right before the end, I felt like I fell off a bit. Perhaps it was me not paying attention, but there were a few chapters where I struggled to grasp what was going on, and why it was happening. I had to backtrack a bit to see what I missed.

The end makes it clear this is a series, and I can only expect the same beautiful world building from the next book. If Hardcastle keeps it up, I’m sure this is going to be something great.

A fun, fast-paced, beautifully crafted fantasy!

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