Book Review: The Last Letter by WB Welch & Tory Hunter

First things first: I was so excited when I learned that I would be receiving an ARC of this book, and I just couldn’t wait to read it. So big thanks to WB Welch and Tory Hunter! And congratulations on the book!

In case the title or cover isn’t giving it away, this is a zombie apocalypse novella. Written from the perspectives of two survivors, Laura and Morrigan, who send each other letters about how they’re dealing with the end of times (no, not through the mail, silly), it’s an absolutely amazing, and unique story.

Thing is, I don’t like zombies in any other format than books. Movies and TV shows, boring as hell. Maybe in video games if they’re well-made, but usually, nah. Zombies just aren’t interesting, to me. They’re stupid monsters, and every movie feels the same.

For some reason though, I love reading about Zombie apocalypses in books, and The Last Letter is no exception. It’s grisly, frightening, and emotional, and it’s so well-written. The way Welch and Hunter have worked together to create these couple of characters who exchange letters is brilliant. I cooperate with a friend on a writing project myself, and it’s always a worrying factor that our styles will be too different, and that it will shine through who’s written what. Well, that’s not an issue when you’ve not only written your zombie book expertly, but also made the whole execution of the story fit this kind of format.

About the book itself, I loved the writing. It’s fast paced, emotional, descriptive enough to paint a picture, but at the same time it’s constantly rolling. I read nearly all of it in an evening and was almost late for dinner. The plot is great, gripping, thrilling, and the characters feel so real. All of them.

I could ramble on, but I won’t. Go read the book instead, because it’s excellent. The writing, the plot, the execution, all A-game stuff. You won’t be disappointed. Also, did I mention that it’s JUST been released?

You can go get it here.
Go now, before the zombies come.

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