Writing Prompt #2


“Honey, look, it’s on the news again. Hun? Listen, it’s going to be fine. Let’s see what they say?” I put my arm around her, turning up the volume on the TV.

It’s been four weeks since The Noise stopped, four weeks, one day, and six hours. The global phenomenon which seemed at first to have only beneficial health effects, are now producing other results.

To begin with, after the inital shock, people reported better personal health, fewer migraines, less aching joints,  and better hearing. After the first few days there were global reports of people sleeping better, being more rested, and essentially feeling more vigorous. The first week report generally less hostility, crime, and we even have reports from known war-zones that conflicts are de-escalating. The amazing results from the lack of The Noise nearly had scientists forget about researching it’s source and origin, and more importantly, why it’s stopped.

But now, going into week five, reports of the adverse effect are beginning to overtake the positives. As you might have heard already, the adverse effects are simple… It is only the one.

Our thoughts. The voices. Whatever you want to call it. There’s no way of stopping them anymore. If and when it will affect you, is difficult to say. But the professionals are clear – people with a previous history of mental instability are hit first. The symtomps are few, but clear: Red, bloodied eyes, flamed skin, and hair loss. Victims of The Noise will often begin to claw at their head, the sides of the skull or the face, in an attempt of course, to stop it. We advice you to stay calm, take care of your loved ones, and stay tuned.

“See honey? It’s going to be fine…” Her taped hands were nearly loose again, so I grabbed them with my left hand and held them tight. With the other arm, I held around her, trying to keep her from rocking back and forth, gently caressing the bald patches on the side of her head.

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