So Difficult!

Soooo. Finally another post. (Sorry to anyone who thought it might be a review, one should be coming soon. But then again, is anyone even reading this?)

Well, I’m sorry for the absence regardless – if nothing else for my own sake. I wish I’d been a bit more active, with reading, writing and blogging lately. But I’ve been finding it really hard, all the way since Christmas and the holidays, to get back to writing. I don’t know why, because I kow what I need to do, I know where I’m at and what I want to write. Yet everytime I sit down, to do the work, I write a couple of hundred words, and somehow waste hooours doing nothing. It’s strange. (Strange not because I’m not used to procrastinating, but I’m not used to it being this difficult to get motivated).

I try to make use of the time by quickly doing something else, like reading, going to the gym, playng music or writing music. But writing just won’t.. happen? I really don’t understand, because in one sense, I don’t feel unmotivated or like I don’t want to do it. It just doesn’t… work. It’s a strange, and new dilemma for me. I soppose I’ll just keep on trying, but at the same time, I’ve never been one who neither likes nor is able to force myself into doing anything artistic, usually it happens when it happens and I can sit for hours once I get going.

But recently I’ve tried changing my approach to writing, before Christmas I would try to get in many small sessions, by writing a little everyday, whereas now, because I felt it wasn’t working as well as it should, I tried setting off time for longer sessions, with longer intervals inbetween. So maybe I just need to get into a new rhythm, to get this new system in to place.

Or maybe I actually have to force myself, and go back to my old system (‘cause this new one isn’t working, yet anyway). So we’ll see. Whenever I do get round to working more, I’ll hopefully finish my first draft of my second book, which I kind of techinally already have, so that should be motivating enough.

But maybe it’s knowing that I have to go back and fix parts of my first book that is putting me off. Though I don’t feel bad about that. I’m looking forward to dit actually. It’s been nearly a year since I published my book, and though it’s been a positive experience in general, I’ve learned a lot (read: realized there are things I’ve done wrong), so I’m looking forward to fixing it.


Ah well – I suppose by writing this I’m just putting off doing actual writing, so I should og back to that. Keep on keeping on I suppose. Looking forward to a new year of reading and writing new books.

And please – if you have any tips and tricks, let me know!! I’ll get a review up soon!

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