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I recently did a free book promotion for my book The Consequence of Loyalty. And now I want to urge everyone to leave a review. (Of course I do, as an author I live and breathe for reviews, I’d rather have reviews than sales at this point, as do most author who aren’t already racking it in).


But I’m not just talking about me! I’m not even talking about books specifically!

I want to urge you to leave a review for everything. (Though I’m definitely particularly invested in book reviews). I want to urge you to leave a review when you visit a place, go to a restaurant, go to a shop, anything!

Google will let you review just about anything that you can find on a map, and probably things you can’t as well. When was the last thing you did? It might seem like an insignificant thing to do, but it could mean soooo much to someone else. And I’m not (just) talking about the owner/author, but also every other possible future customer.

The last thing I reviewed (other than books) was a hotel I was staying at recently. Though, now that I think of it, I didn’t leave a single review for any of the restaurants I visited when I was there.

Many places and websites will also ask you to leave a review or participate in a survey, often with a chance to win something in return. Do you? I know I’ll often say that I will, and then forget about it as soon as I leave.


So it’s a good thing Amazon makes it so easy to leave a review! Just log in, hit the stars, write a few words however long or short you want and you’re done! And though it might not mean much to you to do it, it definitely does for a lot of other people!

So please, leave a review, always!

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