Book Review: Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski

There we have it. The Witcher series is over. Finito. Done. And I feel empty, but in a good way. I don't know how much I should say about the plot. Ciri's part of the adventure is remains in focus, with Geralt, his companions, Yennefer and everyone else trying to catch up. There's a lot... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Tower of the Swallow by Andrzej Sapkowski

We're back at it, reading our favorite fantasy series in ages, and it just gets better and better. It's all coming together now. Ciri has moved on from where we've left her in the last book (quite much so, actually) and a lot of her story is being told in hindsight to someone else, as... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Baptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski

The 3rd (or 5th) book in the series, and definitely the best one so far, Baptism of Fire ramps up absolutely everything and it seems to be that we're on a much steadier course now than before. With the first two books (excluding the short stories) there's a lot of setting up plot lines, understanding... Continue Reading →

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