Reviews Are In! – Pre-order A Form Of Revenge now

A Form Of Revenge is out in than 10 days, but brilliant reviews and praise have already started ticking in.

Michael Kelso, author of thriller such as One on One, Identity and the Dark Tales of Cryptids series called the book a “gripping story” that “will keep you guessing until the very end”, and author Jacqueline Mead said that A Form Of Revenge was the best book in the series and that she was barely able to put it down.

Author Belinda Sharland over at Soulmusings recently posted an excellent review of the book, where she wrote:

“I loved A Form of Revenge. The story’s plot is mysterious from beginning to end with a balance of violence and suspense. The pacing is what I have come to love from Trey Stone’s writing. He maintains perfect pace and then ramps up the final act of the novel with an intensity that makes it difficult to put down. It’s a technique that he executes masterfully.

You can read Belinda’s full review here

But don’t take my word for it! Pre-order the book right now and start reading it as soon as it’s out on June 1.

Pre-order the book here.

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