Book Review: Avatar of Death by S.F. Claymore

Monstrous demons clash against dark and devastating magic in this fantasy novel full of adventure, thrills and betrayal.

This is the second book in the Champion of Psykoria series, and though it’s been a while since I read the first, the world came back to me pretty quickly. We follow Jrak Swadoh – King Breetor’s mystic messenger – on his quest to become the greatest mage in the realm. But an unlikely betrayal sends him fleeing away to distant lands, in hope of rebuilding and strengthening his resolve, all while a demonic invasion threatens the world.

Claymore has built and impressive and vivid world, and though Jrak’s quest is the focal point of the story, I find myself more intrigued by and drawn to the villains, the daemon who are trying to destroy the world. I love a novel that dares focus on the villain – something I feel I see far too little of – and in this case they are often much more interesting than the protagonist.

The writing is strong and engaging, and never dull, though I did find the book sometimes tried to do a bit too much all at the same time. I’d like to see a bit more detail dedicated to certain elements, instead of more elements. Big fantasy worlds like this get confusing when you have to digest too much all at once.

But the book is fun and the plot is captivating, and if you like action-filled magic battles, then this is the right type of fantasy for you. I recently got back into Warhammer (or, at least I tried too), and this book often reminded me of that world. There’s ton of different races and peoples, various named champions and warriors, and the all clash together in glorious battle full of giant weapons and evil spells. Oh, and it’s dark.

If any of that sounds like your cup of tea – look no further.

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