WREINDEER – The Next Big Monthly Writing Craze

My wife has the most brilliant ideas some all the time.

First, some brief backstory: My wife and I live apart. I have moved away for a few years for work, she came to see me December 1, and we’re spending Christmas and New Year’s together where I live currently. Also – she thought I would be sad that November and NaNoWriMo was over.

Enter: WREINDEERWRiting Exercise IN DEdecembER!

WREINDEERWRiting Exercise IN DEdecembER!

Some more brief backstory: We don’t buy Christmas gifts for each other. Instead, we take turns (every other year) to make elaborate advent calendars. This year it was my turn to receive one from her (even though I made a silly one for her as well, since she came to see me).

And this is where WREINDEER comes in.

WREINDEER is a 4-part advent calendar.

Part 1 – A small piece of candy, to be opened in the morning. (For motivational purposes).

Part 2 – A Writing Challenge – These are required to be completed before I get to move on to Part 3.

Part 3 – A Memory Calendar – I open one of 24 notes that has a lovely memory of something my wife and I have done. Each of these also has a symbol on it.

Part 4 – I get to pick one of 12 presents my wife brought me – one for each time I find two matching symbols in Part 3.

Of course – WREINDEER is mostly about Part 2, and can be one without the three parts that come before and after (though it does make it more fun and rewarding). So here’s what the writing challenges look like:

First of all, I had to choose whether I was starting something new, or working on something old. I chose to starting something new, and it’s a fantasy/adventure type thing, about a man who ends up in the company of a bunch of Goblins.

Every day I have to write something related to the story mentioned above, but I have to follow special rules for each day. Remember, these are exercises, so it’s often about testing out different ways of doing things, or challenging myself to write differently. The ones I’ve gotten so far, are:

Writing Activity 1 – Title

  1. Make a title, then write a 200 word paragraph.
  2. Write a 200 word paragraph, then create a title.

Writing Activity 2 – Main Character

  1. Briefly outline a main character (10-50 words)
  2. Write a 300 word paragraph about your main character

Writing Activity 3 – Triple Scene

  1. Write a 200 word scene
  2. Write the same scene from three different perspectives

Writing Activity 4 – Meaning

  1. Write a 300 word scene revolving around a object – the object in question needs to be used/be meaningful in an unexpected way

Writing Activity 5 – Context

  1. Write a piece of dialogue
  2. Put the dialogue in a scene
  3. Put the same piece of dialogue in a completely different scene

Writing Activity 6 – Villain

  1. Write a 200 word bio for your villain/antagonist
  2. Write a 100 word paragraph about your villains goal/purpose
  3. Write a 100 word paragraph about your villains motivations for said goals

Writing Activity 7 – Experience

  1. Write a 300 word scene
  2. Write the same scene but change how it is experienced (note: different than just changing perspective
  3. Write the same scene again, with yet another change in experience

Writing Activity 8 – For kids

  1. Write a 300 word scene. If you write for adults, write it for kids, and vice versa

Writing Activity 9 – Writing Sprints

  1. Do 3 x 4 min writing sprints, 1 min break between

That’s how far I’ve gotten, and it’s been a lot of fun! Not just because I get to move on to the rest of the advent calendars after! I’m learning, but because I’m challenging myself, and I’m writing a lot of fun stuff! I’m actually surprisingly invested in this story I made up on the spot. I can’t wait to see where this takes me (and to open the rest of my awesome advent calendar presents – I got chocolate yesterday!) Also – it’s great to keep writing.

What are you working on this December? Taking some well-deserved time off in preparation for the holiday season? Or are you soldiering on? Let me know what’s happening!

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