Book Review: Illidan by William King

Warcraft is the best fantasy series I’ve ever read!

For those of you who have paid any attention to this blog and my other Warcraft reviews, you’ve probably heard me say it before. And I’ll probably say it again.

It doesn’t hurt that I love the games, and know a lot of the lore and histories behind the universe inside and out. But I think anyone who loves fantasy will enjoy these books. I’m not sure what the term is for this kind of fantasy. It’s very fantastical. It’s not “Medieval kingdoms fight for power”-fantasy, it’s more “elves, and orcs, and demons, and other words, and powerful creatures and lots of magic”-fantasy. And it’s amazing!

This book is all about Illidan, who’s a bit of an important person in the Warcraft universe. A former Night Elf, altered by demonic magic, he’s a complicated person to understand. He’s been through a lot, done a lot of things, committed many crimes, and been punished for a lot of it. This book  aims to unravel a lot of it, but focus on his later years. It’s very much a story of What Happened? to Illidan, a story I didn’t realize I didn’t know. It filled in a lot of blanks between the more famous tales.

As far as I know, this is the first of William King’s Warcraft novels. Having a bunch of different authors write books in a series can swing both ways, but King definitely did a great job! I like his style, his pacing, and he seems to have great grasp of the universe.

The book feels very similar to Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden, which is by far the best Warcraft book.

I’m happy a bit disappointed at how some side plots and side characters kind of just disappeared out of the story. Some things where revealed to have happened by the end of the book, but we never got to read about it. Then again, Illidan is the focal point.

Another great book in the series, and one I’d highly recommend to any Warcraft and fantasy fan!

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