Book Review: War Crimes by Christie Golden

I finally got around to reading this, and I just have to get it out of the way and say: it’s amazing!

Whenever someone asks me for fantasy recommendations, I try to remember to recommend the Warcraft series. I suppose it helps that I’ve played the games, all the way back since the beginning of the real-time strategy games, because it means that I know a lot of the lore and history of the universe, and recognize the characters. But even without that, I think any fantasy lover would enjoy Warcraft.

It’s just so vast. There’s more than two decades of world building here, with plots, subplots and histories running deeper than you can imagine. Nearly all of it focuses on the conflict between the races of the Horde (orcs, trolls, and tauren among others), and the Alliance (humans, dwarves and elves, to name a few). It’s amazing.

This book reads like a fantasy version of 12 Angry Men, when the orc and former warchief Garrosh Hellscream is put on trial for multiple counts of various crimes. Both the Horde and Alliance gather to take part in the trial which is led by the Pandaren, both to accuse him, and to defend him (which might turn out to be the more difficult task).

I’ve sinced stopped playing Warcraft (for now) but the events in this book were some of the last I enjoyed (which happen between the end of the Pandaria expansion and the beginning of the Warlords of Draenor) and it’s amazing to read this as a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ kind of thing.

As per usual, Golden Christie’s writing is amazing. By far my favorite Warcraft author, not doubt. You’ll want to keep reading both for the fascinating trial, but also for all the intricate character development you experience along the way. I think this might be my favorite book after Arthas.

Highly recommened for any Warcraft or fantasy fan.

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