Book Review: Over A God’s Dead Body by Joel Spriggs

I won a free audiobook of this book by Joel Spriggs, and couldn’t wait to review it. I listen to quite a low of audiobooks, when I walk to and from work, at work, and usually at the gym, so I’m always happy to have more stuff to listen to.

This book is about… Gods. Mythological gods. Think, American Gods meets Harry Potter. Our main god (and one of the protagonists, among some mortal people) is Loki. The book follows him as he meets up with some ‘relatives’, and try to find Seth, the Egyptian god of chaos, on a university campus. Because shit is going down. Shit Loki wants to stop. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

Its not often I laugh out loud from reading (which is weird, because I laugh a lot), but this had me spit-laughing more than twice, which made working out really weird at times. But it’s such a well-written, funny book. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s entertaining. Spriggs has a way with words that pulled me in instantly, kept me invested, and made me want to keep reading. Maybe a few characters seemed a bit too quick on the uptake at times, (they seem awfully chill with the whole there-being-gods-and-magic in the world), but it’s still damn good fun.

And the production of this audiobook is really good as well, I have to say, the narrator did a great job (though I can imagine maybe a few Irish people will disagree with me). Makes me want to look into making audiobooks of my own stuff.

I can see this being a new big thing. In a few years I imagine this is a hilarious Netflix series, a mix between Community and Supernatural. Or like I said, American Gods meets Harry Potter. However you want to look at it, it’s awesome.

If you’re interested in finding out what kind of hell Loki and other gods from various mythologies could get up to at a college, you should definitely check this out. You’ll find Joel Spriggs and his work here.

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