Book Review: Dead Petals by Alan I’Anson

Gary and Fiona live a seemingly perfect life. Happy marriage, great home, wonderful jobs, they have it all, topped off with their perfect little daughter Charlotte, or Charley for short. With the only downside being that work is sometimes stressful, their lives are pretty great, and their biggest worry is Charley’s upcoming twelfth birthday. Everything is perfect.

Until the day Charley disappears from the park, possibly taken by a serial kidnapper and becoming the next in line of a string of missing girls. Gary and Fiona’s lives fall apart without their little girl, their social lives crumbling and their marriage rocked to the core with how their struggling to cope. No body is discovered as time moves on, and Gary’s life becomes reduced to sleepless nights and drunken days. But weird things start happening at the house, weird things that Gary can’t explain. Are they somehow related to Charley’s disappearance, and can they help Gary and Fiona to figure out what has happened?

First things first, absolutely excellent book. The cover is fantastic and I was hooked by that and the blurb from the beginning. I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed, and that this is one of the best thrillers/mysteries I’ve read in ages.

I’Anson writing is beautiful, strong, and captivating, if at sometimes a bit slow-paced and long-winded for my taste. But it has that slow burn, that delicately placed hint of something more that constantly strings you along, not giving you time to breathe. The setting and characters are elegantly crafted and I became so invested in these people’s lives that I couldn’t keep myself from wanting to figure out what the hell was going on.

It’s a family drama, gripping thriller, a tiny hint of romance, and a haunting mystery all at the same time. And it delivers, not pulling any punches.

I’ll say it again, an absolutely fantastic book, well worth a read.

Kudos to I’Anson for such a wonderful story. You can check out the author and his book here, and FYI, this is released for the first time today, so go get yourself a copy! You won’t be disappointed.

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