Book Review: Emergence by Jacki Rawlinson

*I received a complimentary copy of this book, and I’m leaving a voluntary review*

Emergence is an action-packed, space-opera, scifi adventure, where we follow our protagonist Emily as her true identity and destiny is revealed to her at age 21. She is in fact Emiliana, daughter of two powerful beings from far away, and heir to a legend.

This book is packed with everything a scifi lover loves: cool other-worldly tech, mysterious alien races, exciting planets, and lots of fighting. It’s an adventure from start to finish, and it goes from sweet to dark to funny and back again, all the time. Rawlinson’s style is unique, and she won’t let you rest for even a minute, constantly keeping you on your toes. I would blurt out in laughter at one moment, and then it would turn horrific the next. I loved it.

I’d like to say that this book is kind of a Coming of Age+Batman+The Scooby Gang. That’s a weird comparison, but as Emiliana realizes who she is and starts taking on the world, she gains a lot of new friends at the same time, along with a lot of responsibility. It was exciting and fun reading about her growing up, building relationships, and dealing with the new-found dangers her life suddenly posed.

Occasionally there’s a bit much showing instead of telling, particularly in the beginning perhaps, but it’s not something that isn’t in line with the genre and the setup of an immense scifi world. The books a perfect length as well, which I’m always happy to report. Any longer would have been too long.

Rawlinson has made a tremendous effort on her debut novel, and it’s a gripping and adventurous start to The Emiliana Chronicles. If you’re a fan of scifi, looking for a different but fun story about a girl who takes on the world, all the while learning to fight crime with her group of friends, I suggest you check this one out.

You can check out Emergence by Jacki Rawlinson here.

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