Book Review: An American Family by Jackson Paul Baer

*I received a complimentary copy of this book, and I’m leaving a voluntary review*

Isaac, father of two-Carter and Olivia-has his whole life turned upside down when his wife Ramie disappears one night. The FBI conclude that the case is pretty clear: she was taken by a serial killer and they’ll probably never find her body. The rest of the family find it hard to adjust, as Isaac turns to drinking and his teenage children turn to other vices, all of them trying to keep the little of family they have left, together.

This is my third Baer book, and yet again, Baer writes with elegance and momentum. This book his quite fast paced to begin with, and then dials it down – way down. I could argue that the book is slow, that there isn’t much plot there in the middle. But that’s where Baer’s writing shines, in the small details, the delicate nuances. The family that is left between the three people, the livest they try to cling to. It’s captivating.

The ending both surprised me and was exactly as I thought – I won’t spoil it but I’ll say there is a sequel to this book. I kind of wish that more of the mystery and the dark and gritty of it all (with the disappearance and serial killer) will be dealt with in the next book, because I didn’t feel like it was focused enough upon in this one. But once again, that’s not what it’s about. It’s not about those who were taken away, it’s about those remained.

Not my favorite Baer book, but I’m still a fan. He writes with passion, and it shows.

You can find more on Baer and his work here – go check it out.

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