Micro Work

I’ve made a discovery. It’s nothing new. Nothing fancy. Most of you are probably great at it already.

But I’m awful at it. Or thought I was.

I’m very structured and organized (kind of). I like to lay out my day, my things, my schedule, in a neat order. My things, the way I work, the errands I run.

And when I do work – any kind of work – I like to have time. Most of you are probably familiar with the feeling of not being bothered to start something new, if you know you won’t have a lot of time to do it. Yeah?

So when I work, I like to have… at least an hour. Half an hour can do, if you extra time in both ends to set up/pack down whatever it is your doing. But you get what I mean. Have to be somewhere in an hour? Need to leave ten minutes early? It’s already ten minutes past? Can’t bothered.

Until now.

I’ve started trying to fit more times to work (and when I say “work” in this post, I mean write), in a busy schedule. So I’ve started doing 15 minute sessions. I wouldn’t have dreamed doing that a year ago. Wouldn’t have bothered. Doesn’t feel like enough time to get my brain working, to drag up the ideas, concepts and… whatever else excuse I can think of.

But I’m doing it now.

And, I’m not saying it’s amazing. It’s not like I find a new groundbreaking, revolutionary way to work. I don’t feel like I get as much done, and yeah, it’s still a bit of a hassle.

But the thing I’ve noticed is, that I have a lot less time to procrastinate. (And boooooy do I procrastinate. It’s weird all the things you remember you wanted to learn, try, buy, eat, and create when you’re supposed to do something else.)


So yeah, if you’re used to being able to work in any little space of free time you have, well then I’m sorry if I wasted your time. But if your used to having to put aside a lot of time to get your writing done – try not to. It might surprise you.


Just my two Thursday cents.

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