When to Write?

For a while I’ve tried to organise how and when I write, to make it more efficient and productive.

One of the big downsides with art though, and this goes for all art, is that it rarely cares whether or not you have time do it. Actually, it tends to hit me most often in the most inconvenient places. On the train, at work (usually in an important meeting), in the shower – when I don’t have anything to write on!

Or like right now, in the middle of the night. I didn’t get up to write a lot, but it was good. Like really good. That’s why it’s so important. Keep writing those small keywords and sentences, dialogues, character descriptions, whenever you can. If I had a dollar for every post-it I have with some scribble on it, I’d have – many dollars.

Point is? Don’t force it. At least not too much. If you feel inspired and have a few hours, by all means, sit down and try. Nothing comes around by itself. But please, take time to stop whatever it was that you were doing, and write down those ideas you just had.


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