Hi, and thank you for your interest in an Advanced Review Copy of my book!

An Advanced Review Copy or Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) is a free copy of a book given out by a publisher or author as a promotional item, before the general sale of a book begins. The purpose is to create attention around the book and to garner reviews prior to publication.

I am offering digital ARCs of my psychological thriller – A State Of Despair.

“What is expected of me if I receive an ARC?”

If you receive an ARC from me I hope that you will take the time to read it and more than anything I hope you enjoy it!

I do of course also wish you’ll take the time to review it once you are finished with it – on Amazon and Goodreads, and wherever you go to talk about books. – Don’t worry, if you receive an ARC I’ll be sure to send out reminders to review the book.

“Do you want feedback?”

Yes please! Books are often subject to changes after ARCs have been distributed, before the final version is available for sale, so if you have anything you want to share with me – good or bad – then please, get in contact!

“Can I share your book with a friend?”

Of course you can recommend my book to a friend, but I would prefer it if you would direct them to this page, or tell them to get in contact with me, so they can get an ARC of their own!

“How do I get my ARC?”

First of all, you have to decide what format you prefer. I offer epub, mobi, and pdf.

  • Epub is a popular format for many ebook readers, and the app I usually use is called Aldiko. Just open the app, browse to where your downloaded files are located on your phone or tablet and import the file.
  • Mobi is the format Kindle uses, and if you use the Kindle app like me you can just place the mobi file in the Kindle directory on your phone or tablet and it will show up in your library.
  • PDF is great, because if you own an actual Kindle reader you can email yourself files (PDFs included) and they will show up on your Kindle. BUT! You have to make sure the email address is registered and approved to send files to your Kindle. Here’s Amazon’s own guide on how to do that.

The next step is to send me an email. If you’re interested in receiving an ARC from me, send an email to treystoneauthor@gmail.com with the subject heading: ARC – A State Of Despair. This is so that I can be sure that I get your email and you don’t end up in my spam folder.

In the email, I need you to write four things:

  • Your Name – Because I need to know who you are.
  • Your Email Address – Yes, I know I can see who sent it, but by adding it in the text you’re doing me a massive favor. (I will obviously need this to send you your ARC and also to send out review reminders.)
  • Which Format You Want – So I know what to send you
  • Tell Me Why – It would be great if you could write me a line or two about why you’d like an ARC. What made you interested in my book, and what do you usually read? Where do you intend to publish reviews once you’ve read it, and do you have a website or blog for example? (Don’t worry too much about this though).

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy the book and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

(Please note, I reserve the right to not offer an ARC of my book, to anyone, for any reason)