Book Review: Shepherd’s Call by Counios & Gane

Shepherd and Wolfe are beginning to grow up – and their adventures are more dangerous than ever!

This is the fourth book in the series and it picks up directly after the end of the last one. Tony Shepherd is just about to go enjoy prom night, when Charlie Wolfe send him a message. He needs help.

The only problem?

Charlie is nowhere to be found when Tony comes looking. All he can find is Charlie’s phone.

Counios & Gane have a very unique writing style – one which I absolutely love. Their books are fast-paced, with multiple POVs, most of which are first-person from Shepherd’s perspective, and they write hundreds of chapters. To me it enhances the urgency in the mystery and helps keep me on edge as I follow Shepherd and Wolfe’s adventure. At the same time, it makes the book easy and fun to read. Have five minutes in a doctors office? I’ll just read a chapter or two on my phone.

And the story is great too. The overarching plot of the whole series is coming together now, and I’ve been waiting years to figure out some of this stuff. Wolfe is the mysterious wildcard rascal to Shepherd’s habitual, law-abiding son of two (relatively) strict parents, and while it’s fun to watch them clash, it’s also exciting to see them learn things about each other. Especially when it’s about Charlie Wolfe’s past – and when it’s his past that get them into trouble.

This book in particular had a True Detective vibe over it. We have to follow along as Shepherd tries to not only find out what happened to Wolfe, but also tie together an old mystery that might be the key to everything. It’s an exciting game of cat and mouse, but of course it leaves us wanting more – and now I find myself waiting for the fifth book!

I’d recommend this to any lover of mystery thrillers, but if you on top of that like fast-paced YA stories, and maybe also are a fan of The Hardy Boys, then you’re going to really enjoy this. Maybe the teenage rascal in your house is looking for a new book to read? Then there’s four books in this series for them!

You can check out the books here:

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